Albert Salvadó


I was born in Andorra la Vella (1951, Principality of Andorra). Andorra is one of the smallest countries in the world. Situated in the middle of the Pyrenees (between France and Spain), in winter it is covered with snow and the national sport is skiing. We are the little Switzerland. I’m an industrial engineer and a writer. I write my books in my house in the woods at 4500 feet above sea level. I’ve written children’s stories, essays and novels. I’m particularly known for my historical novels.

In the crime fiction genre, I have written El rapto, el muerto y el Marsellés (Serie Negra Prize 2000), and Una vida en juego, dedicated to the former Casino de la Rabassada (1910).

In the suspense novel genre, I have written Un voto por la esperanza, a novel that won the title of “Selected Work” in the Plaza & Janés International Novel Prize in 1985 and The Phaeton report, which has received unanimous acclaim from the public, who say this is my most impressive novel.

In historical fiction, my specialty, I have written books set in different eras: The Teacher of Cheops (Néstor Luján Prize Historical Novel 1998); El anillo de Atila (Fiter i Rossell Prize 1999); Los ojos de Aníbal (Charlemagne Prize 2002); La Gran Concubina de Egipto (Nestor Lujan Prize 2005); the trilogy dedicated to James I the Conqueror (2000)s comprising: El puñal del sarraceno, La reina húngara and Hablad o matdame; the trilogy dedicated to Ali Bey comprising: Maldito catalán, Maldito musulmán and Maldito cristiano; and my latest novel Abre los ojos y despierta, set in 17th-century Prague.

I love to mix reality, fiction and mystery with exquisite subtlety, always enveloped in feelings and sensations. I have books published in several languages: Catalan, Spanish, English, French, Portuguese, Greek, Slovak and Czech. I have been described as having breathed new life into the historical novel in the Catalan language. I’m very proud of this accolade.

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1982: LA IMAGINACIÓN DEL NIÑO. Xerric-Xerrac prize of Infantile Stories.

1985: LIBERTAD PARA SATANÁS. Book selected in the Prize Plaza & Janés.

1997: EL ENIGMA DE CONSTANTINO EL GRANDE. Finalist of the Prize Néstor Luján of Historical Novel.

1998: THE TEACHER OF KHEOPS. Winning of the Prize Néstor Luján of Historical Novel.

1999: EL ANILLO DE ATILA. Winning of the Prize Fiter i Rossell of the Circle of the Arts and the Letters

2000: EL RAPTO, EL MUERTO Y EL MARSELLÉS. Winning of the Prize Black Series of Planeta.

2002: LOS OJOS DE ANÍBAL. Winning of the Prize Carlemany.

2005: LA GRAN CONCUBINA DE AMÓN. Prize Néstor Luján of Historical Novel 2005

2016: PRIZE “EL VI FA SANG” to the literari live

2018: PRIZE “AGORA CULTURAL 2017” for his contribution to the enrichment of the literature from Andorra, particularly in the domain of the Historical Novel

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