The enigma of Constantine the Great

Emperor Constantine the Great is one of the most impressive and controversial figures in world history. His decisions are a real enigma, which is masterfully unravelled in this book.

His life was a series of struggles and conquests, friendships and hatreds, loves and heartbreaks, grandeur and misery, noble acts and terrible crimes, deceptions and betrayals. With the humility of a man facing his own death, he weighs it all in the balance.

The last of the great emperors, he was the bastard son of Constantius Chlorus and reunified the entire Roman Empire, east and west, for the last time. He gave Christians their freedom, created the first mobile army and introduced a single currency (the Solidus, the true forerunner of the Euro). He founded Constantinople, murdered people with his own hands … and experienced great love with Minervina, his first wife.

There are great mysteries too: he was the son of St Helena but was not baptised until two days before he died; even then he found an Arian bishop to do it. He never gave up the title Pontifex Maximus, nor did he stop worshipping Mithras, the sun god. After unifying the entire empire, he had it split into four parts after his death.

Delving into the life of Constantine the Great is to relive an incredible era and discover the great mystery behind his seemingly absurd and contradictory decisions. In reality, a surprising, relentless logic runs through them all, which Albert Salvadó portrays with a steady hand.

“The Enigma of Constantine the Great is an engaging book with aspirations to match. The book is intended for a wide range of readers who will not come away disappointed.” Joan Isern. AVUI.

 “The Enigma of Constantine the Great is a reflection on the great questions of life and death, the value of the present, and eternity, by a person well-suited to doing so. The author holds nothing back in his portrayal of the character’s dark side: his calculating mind, his loss of affection, his brutality … There is a lot packed into this book but the skill of an accomplished author makes it easy to read.” (Alvar Valls, El Periòdic)

Watch out for two things: one, the first edition will sell out in no time; two, it seems this eminent author will never tire of writing. What is the enigma? The enigma is resolved within the book itself. (Manel Anglada, writer, Diari d’Andorra)