Who was Ali Bey? An explorer, a scientist, an adventurer, a charlatan, a spy, a fraudster, a freeloader … or a legend? He disguised himself as an Arab and fooled half the world. He was the first Westerner to manage to get inside Mecca and back out alive. His sketches, tales and observations about ethnic identity, customs and geography made the Arab world known to a European readership who, in the 19th century, were completely ignorant of the region.

Bring Me His Dead body is the third part of The Shadow of Ali Bey trilogy, in which the great mystery surrounding the man is unveiled. The book tells of his life in France, his relationship with his wife and children, his attempt to convince Richelieu to employ him, and how he finally managed to get the government to finance his great adventure in search of an inland sea in Africa.

The action plays out on two stages: London and Paris. Lord Parry, the British Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, and the Duke of Decazes, the French Minister of Police, receive the news at the same time: Ali Bey has disappeared. England and France blame one another for his apparent death. The Duke of Decazes orders his people to track down the adventurer. And to bring back his body if he is dead.

That is the start of an adventure in which the British and French secret services chase the shadow of Ali Bey through Europe, Turkey and the Middle East. Everyone has seen him, everyone has spoken to him, but no-one knows where he is. The dénouement reveals the greatness and misfortunes of a man who attained legendary status.

Albert Salvadó successfully brings his trilogy to a masterful close.

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